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Nonostante i nostri sforzi, di tanto in tanto su compaiono annunci truffa. Questi vengono di solito rapidamente segnalati e cancellati. Qui è possibile trovare tutti gli annunci contrassegnati come truffa e cancellati.

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Annuncio truffa del 20. febbraio 2024

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A partire da 4.3.2024

Fino Illimitato

Affitto mensile sFr. 750 .–


Regione zurich-stadt

Indirizzo Stüssistrasse

Località 8057 Zurich

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La stanza èThe room impresses with its large window front including external blinds and you can look directly into the shopping arcade. 2 sofa beds, dining table with chairs, flat screen TV with chest of drawers and a large wardrobe are available. The furnished kitchen has a large fridge/freezer combination as well as a stove and sink. In the hallway there is a walk-in closet with many shelves. A separate laundry room with a programmable Sharp washing machine is available in the basement.


Pretty, neat and simple person,For me this also includes cooking together, drinking a beer/soda and doing something and simply letting the others participate in life, where of course everyone has space for themselves

Chi siamo

My name is Karen, I'm 25 years old,Briefly about me: I like to be creative, I like to cook a lot of vegetarian/vegan food, I enjoy my morning coffee in company, I'm interested in politics and I read a lot. In my free time I ride my bike and inline skates a lot on and have recently been playing football,I have been involved in the climate justice movement for some time and hope to find more time to be an activist again soon. Otherwise, I just love being outside with friends and my roommates,Cinema has become my new thing.
An uncomplicated, open and tolerant coexistence with a left-wing consensus on values is very important to me! I would also describe myself as a decent person.



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