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Despite our best efforts, scam ads still make it onto from time to time. These are usually quickly reported and deleted. Here you can find all advertisements marked as scam and deleted.

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Scam ad from 11. September 2020

Dates and rent

Starting from 11.9.2020

Until No time restrictions

Monthly rent sFr. 620 .–


State bern

Address Länggassstrasse 70

City 3012 Bern

Neighbourhood Länggasse

Nearby Universität Tobler


The room isI am a renting a room in my 2 bedroom apartment, totally furnished with modern facilities..

We are looking for

Am looking for a someone who is understanding , neat that we can communicate and share idea together more of like siblings .

We are

I am a working class individual that understand people no matter what, because i try to put myself in their shoes.
I love to sing, cook and also love to travel at any given opportunity.


DO NOT CONTACT! lisa wiber

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