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Ab dem 1.4.2020

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Region Zürich (Unterland, Weinland, Limmattal)

Adresse Gstalderstrasse 10

Ort 8134 Adliswil

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Das Zimmer istHeiii everyone :) We are looking for new people for our house family We are all around the end of 20, beginning of 30, want to live together in harmony and keep creating this awesome family. Our heart burns for the ecology that’s a thing that connects us more. We are multicultural, positive people who like a good laugh, can dance around the fire, be in the beautiful nature around our house and in our big garden but also can go clubbing and know and mostly work in the city (which is just 12 min by train away (goes every 15 min). We are reflected, down to earth and like to continue growing together. We still have thousands of projects in and around the house that we have not realized yet and where your help is most welcome: permaculture garden, chicken (rescued), tree house, winter garden, sauna, creative space. We already have a fireplace, a co-working room, a yoga room, a reading room, a living room with beamer, a dining room and a kitchen with a small table, a terrace and a balcony :) Because we have usually a lot of female applicants, already some females in the house and we want to keep gender balance you have a bigger chance as a male to get in. So guys…. Apply and drop us some lines about yourself

Wir suchen

We are looking for a person that wants more than just a co-living experience, wants to invite people, cook together, share food, brings in energy to make the house and the garden prettier and wants to help with projects. But no fear… its not a full time job… we all have a lot of stuff going on, working, social live, hobbies, changing the world and ourselves and so on… but we have space to also do a lot of that stuff in our house… Like I said we are very eco enthusiastic and experiment around with community building tools. But we do not say that you have to be vegan or have to do this or that. We like to inspire each other through action. Its very appreciated if you bring your happiness and experience in to the house… but you also have to be flexible with what you wanna bring in. Some stuff takes time and also forming an awesome group takes time and some energy. But its worth it and you will gather a lot of beautiful experiences and moments that will benefit you in all your life.

Wir sind

Who We are: - F, sustainable packaging designer with pottery skills, the desire for own chickens and a tree house, yoga practicing, German and funny and always in a good mood - F, Impacthubberin (awesome co-working in zürich) through and through, who grew up in a patchwork family and loves big family life, teaches design and therefore brings very creative inspiration into the house. - M, film producer, photographer, artist network mediator, music, Indian who loves cooking Indian food and playing special instruments and is already known for his good flat jokes. - M, World Transformer, Dreamer, Energy Bundle, going to be musician, Salsa Dancer (Latino in the Heart), Gardener and Farmer, Backpacker, Becoming Yogi and Buddah ;) - F, A Yoga teacher, Mantra singer, Eco-Village connoisseur, super social, down-to-earth, harmony and tranquillity-conscious, lots of energy and motivation to realize the projects of the dream house.


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