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Ab dem 1.9.2019

Bis 1.Oktober.2020

Miete / Monat sFr. 1'020.–


Region Zürich (Stadt)

Adresse Stauffacherstrasse

Ort 8004 Zürich

Kreis / Quartier 8004

In der Nähe Most things, but especially close are Hauptbahnhof, Stauffacher, Helvetiaplatz, Löwenplatz and the great Gelateria Rosso Arancio

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Das Zimmer istBeautiful and 3.10 m high! The house is from the 1920s and most of the details such as door handles, windows and radiators are original! The room is actually not pictured as I don't have any proper pictures. It is east facing and has about 16m2. The furniture in the images are NOT mine! So When you will move in it will look different however hopefully just as cosy.

Wir suchen

I am looking for someone who likes to live in style, has a fairly busy life one can talk about in the evenings, doesn't through huge raves every other weekend and maybe enjoys cooking. (This is just my wish list, don't take it word for word, different is always better) I actually live with my 'ideal' (flat) mate already, and would't leave him for anything less than this amazing flat so you have big shoes to fill :) When we see each other in the evenings we hang our or not. When we are lonely in town we write to each other and go for dinner after work. When we aren't at home we don't ask each other where we are and when we'll next be home (occasionally maybe but just to get a rough idea). If someone forgets to put the trash out we just it instead. And if we come home hungry and we see that theres piles in the fridge we eat it without asking (unless it's an expensive and special looking something obviously). If this is a kind of life that sounds attractive to you, drop me a line.

Wir sind

I am an architect just graduated from ETH last year. I fell in the love with this flat a couple of months ago when I visited some friends there. Unexpectedly they are moving out and I was able to take over the flat VERY short notice. (I heard from it last week and am moving in in 3 weeks). In a year my partner is hopefully coming to Zurich which is why the room is temporary but until then I'd like to live with a nice person to cook and drink with and have nice discussions after a long days work. I am not home often and am looking for someone who is likewise no a couch potato but likes his or her job and has some hobbies. Don't get me wrong, you are very welcome to feel at home. But I no longer fell like living in a flat where the flatmates are always lying on the sofa. I also enjoy a fairly clean flat but am no fanatic. What I do like is living nicely and many of my furniture I have collected during my years as a student. I hope that you will value this and hopefully appreciate my style too :-) (I was asked why I am writing this in english: just because I think it reaches more people. I speak german too ;-))


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